Open Studios Weekend



Sat, 02/11/2013 - Sun, 03/11/2013
Event Times: 

Artists' studios

Venue Details: 

East and South London (see map below)

The OPEN STUDIOS WEEKEND is a chance to see dynamic  Spanish artists based in London.  Since its origins in 2009, Spain NOW!'s mission has been to promote contemporary Spanish art in London:  this new initiative is one further step to highlighting important emerging artists and to making their presence known both at national and international levels.  

A number of studios by London-based Spanish artists will throw their doors open over the weekend.

Artists range from the very established to the emerging talent recently relocated to the capital.

Among the participants are:

María José Arceo

Gala Knörr

Miguel Laino

Jorge Monedero

Adrián Navarro

Francisco Ortega

Pablo Padilla

Gemma Pardo

Pedro Paricio

Susana Sanromán

There will be more events and screenings during the weekend at SEE studios


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